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MITASU company was officially established as a private company in 2014, but already ‘embryo-ed’ earlier as Freelance group who are supporting coordination, interpretation and consultant services since 2007.

Our Vision

A Holistic Medium for Government and Foreign Company/ Organization.

Our Mission

To accelerate nationwide socio-economic development by bringing Foreign Investment and multi-sector development projects in various forms.

Our Objectives

  • To facilitate projects' implementation, not only in developmental projects sector like under JICA's grant aid/loan projects but also the private foreign companies aiming market research for their business initiation.
  • To assist the fresh and new incoming foreign companies in order to extend their business in Myanmar in cooperation with local stakeholders.
  • To fulfill  country’s development sectors and philanthropic works from our affordable role. 
  • To create job opportunity for every each staff in their concerned specializations and experiences aiming of better performance in working with foreign experts.
  • To be able to become the classic as a Learning Process and a good Team Work groups.